The Ticura Solution

Source Recommendation Assessment

Less than 30 minutes to identify 50% potential TCO savings in your threat intelligence lifecycle

  1. Select threat intelligence sources you like to be compared, optionally upload a set of sample events to the relevance of your environment into account.
  2. Our analytics compares vendor-independently characteristics like coverage, timeliness, uniqueness based on your selection with our continuously growing repository of 700+ commercial and free threat intelligence Sources.
  3. The report shows the best combination of sources, ordered by efficiency based on timely coverage, with the hirelevance for you.

Ticura Curated Feed

Just a few more clicks to drastically improve your threat intelligence efficiency and effectiveness

  1. Our curated feed incorporates the recommended source combination into your security infrastructure as one summarized information feed in any required format. No redundant or inaccurate information!
  2. You can adjust the feed to your needs by selecting information enrichment categories and reduce false alerts by 50% and more with 20+ selectable filter categories and ZERO manual efforts required.
  3. With continuous adaptation of the threat landscape the feed is dynamically adjusted to continuously keep the highest efficiency without any changes in the security environment.

Ticura Search Portal

A single, vendor-independent pane of glass reduces your threat intelligence tool complexity

  1. Our global visibility into hundreds of threat intelligence sources enables you to easily search across all of them using one search portal.
  2. Any type of indicator can be searched and provides fuzzy and exact results.
  3. Super easy to use and fast – you immediately…
    • …see which sources have info on a threat
    • …understand what information a source knows about the threat
    • …view the threat history
    • …see if ticura has identified it as a false positive