Ticura seamlessly integrates with a wide range of the industry’s leading security solutions.

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Partners

Commercial CTI Providers

Commercial CTI providers create specialized, high quality, Cyber Threat Indicators for specific uses cases and threats. CTI partners are integrated into the Ticura single curated feed along with over 700 open source feeds to simplify the selection, use, and purchase of the best combination of CTI for a customer’s environment.


A cyber-security leader, offering a multitude of security solutions including an array of highly sought after and effective CTI feed data that is integrated into the ticura CTI offering, delivering an uncomplicated and efficient way to improve threat prevention and identification. Bitdefender has unmatched attack prevention – technologies and machine-learning models to identify and stop more attacks and advanced threat intelligence from built-in threat research from the front lines, collaborating with law enforcement and academia.


Security Zones | Spamhaus | SURBL

SecurityZones is the provider of Spamhaus and SURBL CTI feeds. These real-time threat intelligence feeds from the leading independent security research organizations provides advanced and unparalleled protection against internet threats. Whether you need threat data for email security, DNS Firewall, or for your security research teams, SecurityZones delivers a high quality source of IP and Domain data within the ticura CTI solution.


Bambenek Labs

Sophisticated cyber-criminals are constantly evolving their techniques to break into networks and steal information. Companies need these insights to tailor their protection to stop and detect such attacks. Bambenek Consulting offers threat intelligence feeds that are relevant, accurate, and highly actionable. Specializing in the DGA feed that monitors malicious networks to observe current criminal activity and the Sinkhole IP feed that is a manually created list of over 1,350 known sinkholes.



DCSO is a Berlin based cyber security service provider offering managed security services in the areas of threat identification (Threat Intelligence), monitoring and detection (Threat Detection & Hunting) as well as incident response assistance and consulting services. DCSO has been launched by Allianz SE, BASF SE, Bayer AG, and Volkswagen AG in 2015 to counter organised cybercrime and state-controlled industrial espionage. Under the roof of the DCSO community, companies exchange information about cybersecurity threats not only among themselves, but also with authorities and research institutes. DCSO offers its services to German SMEs and large enterprises in the manufacturing, automotive, retail and insurance sector. DCSO partners with ticura to provide highly optimized CTI for their customers.


Open-source, community & non-commercial CTI

Community-based, open-source and other non-commercial Threat Intelligence plays a crucial role in enhancing cyber-security by leveraging the collective knowledge, experience, and insights of a community of security professionals, researchers, and organizations. It is one of the major pillars of Threat intelligence Information. Ticura's AI-powered analytics easily identifies the best and most relevant Threat intelligence out of hundreds of such sources for a given customer with our unique world-class false positive prevention and transformation into the right target format.

ISACs (Information Sharing and Analysis Centers)

ISACs (Information Sharing and Analysis Centers) provide highly expert and industry specific threat information and forums for their associated industries. These partnerships enable the incorporation of this valuable data into the Ticura solution.


FS-ISAC is the member-driven, not-for-profit organization that advances cyber-security and resilience in the global financial system, protecting financial institutions and the individuals they serve. ticura is a Expert Resource Pool member and integrates their real-time information-sharing information into the ticura feed.



IT-ISAC provides thousands of indicators to ticura on an ongoing basis, usually updated weekly, through their threat intelligence program. It also provides participation in trusted forums for sharing and receiving cyber-threat information with peer companies is increasingly recognized as a sound security practice and is a practice encouraged by many policy makers and regulators.


Security Service Providers


GMI MSSP and IT services for a broad spectrum of commercial and government organizations, GMI now incorporates ticura to provide customers with and expanded and more complete CTI solution.