Our Mission

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We provide you automatically individualised threat intelligence Information that fits exactly your use case(s)! Simplified, fast, dynamic and intelligent so you can focus on your core business!

100+ years in Cybersecurity!

Our combined experience and expertise enable us to dynamically adapt our service to YOUR individual needs by continuously scouting for new sources, automatically rating them, converging the right information, as well as filtering and enriching our intelligent analytics.

With our ticura Threat Data Service we deliver to you the threat intelligence information that you need as a feed with the details you need, based on what you provided.

The sustainable superpower of CTI

There are millions of researchers, developers, hobby analysts and other cybersecurity enthusiasts out there who are analyzing, discussing, posting, and tweeting daily.

They all provide a lot of the information needed to protect, detect and understand cyberattacks. Their work represents an invaluable contribution to the world of cybersecurity. But time, money, and also finger-pointing are increasing burdens for community members, often leading to resignation and abandonment.

We recognize and appreciate the value that these folks contribute and support them

  • by naming and linking existing donation pages, if applicable
  • through revenue sharing
  • through our (planned) community platform, which they can use to provide the results of their work

This is how we at ticura contribute to relieving and sustainably strengthening the community. If you have any questions, please contact us (see contact info below).